To all of my friends and fans:

As they say, all good things come to an end.  On February 1st, 2008, Static Beth Dot Com will be going offline. The site has been around for a long time and it had a really good run.   I had a lot of fun over the years, but it's time for me to move on to other things.  I won't be going away forever.  In fact, I've been offered a couple of other projects, that I can't speak of right now, which will be consuming a lot of my time.  So if you were looking for some gossip, there you have it.  There isn't any. 

I've met a lot of wonderful people since the site first launched and became good friends with many of them.   I'm grateful to each and every person who has supported Static Beth Dot Com.  I would especially like to thank anyone who has worked for Metal Sludge.  If  it weren't for you guys, this website would never have reached the popularity it did. Other people tried to take credit for it, but Metal Sludge put Static Beth Dot Com on the map. I never forget my roots and it all started at  They hosted the first rendition of my site when they offered free hosting, when no other free hosting company would allow adult content.   I'd like to also thank all websites, webzines, magazines and radio stations that have interviewed me.  It meant more than you'll ever know.  Last but certainly not least, I cannot thank my fans and the bands enough.  If it weren't for you, there would have been nothing for me to post, on here, lol.

Please respect my decision and don't send me emails asking me why, like I stated before I have other projects coming up and I'll still be around, just not in this capacity.  Anyone 18+ can contact me through my Myspace profile.

Once again, thank you for all your love and support. 

Static Beth

P.S.  I forgot to thank two very important people.  Robert at VB Digital / Braingell Radio for doing an excellent job of hosting my website and being at my beckoned call whenever I ran into a technical difficulty.  And, Jen Yonts of Vision Dance Design.  Jen created the layout and all the graphics including, the banners, t-shirts and bumper stickers.  I highly recommend their services.

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